Sunday, April 17, 2011

French Grain Sack Chair Before and After

I bought this little chair at a yard sale, it was part of the typical 60's little girls French Provincial knockoff furniture that I think almost every girl had a piece of at one time or another. It was sturdy enough but the boring cream & gold paint was chipping off & tweed & metallic thread fabric on the seat was in bad shape.

I sanded it down then did a dry brush treatment with two different shades of gray paint I had on hand. I started with an uneven coat of the dark gray, again, dry brushing so that the coverage was pretty good but not solid (you could still see the original paint showing through in some spots). Next I did the same thing with the lighter gray, focusing on the areas where the original cream still showed through. After both these dried I did a final dry brush with Valspar's Asphaltum glaze & just worked it in unevenly. All of it was sealed with two coats of Minwax Polycrylic

The seat fabric was replaced with solid ticking in a unbleached natural color that I hand painted a "French grain sack" style design on with some black fabric paint I picked up at Micheal's for a couple bucks. I washed it after it dried so it had that old faded look to it like an actual grain sack would. It also softens the paint up a little. This chair is available at the Revamped Boutique inside Reminisce in downtown Paso Robles.

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  1. I just love how it turned out. Do you sell these?

  2. Yes! This chair is actually sitting in my boutique waiting for a new home right now (or, at least it was still there when I was at the shop yesterday afternoon!). If you or anyone else is interested in buying it you/they can contact me through my link in the "About Me" section of my sidebar. I accept all major credit cards through my shop & can ship to wherever you need. I can also do custom pieces in a similar style/paint finish.

  3. i love it! i just found ur blog via domestically speaking's popp! i just did a chair similar today, then i found this-so funny! i love ur chair and i'm sure it'll sell fast! i can't decide whether to put mine in my shop or keep it! here's a link if you'd like to stop by my blog and see the chair or anything else! thanx!~deanna