Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Santa Barbara style part II

Here are some more pictures from our trip. We went to the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, it's such a cool place to go & I was glad we got to take my daughters because it was one of the places my mom & step-dad took my brother, sister & I when we were kids. Thanks for the trip mom!

This is a fountain that was in the museum's courtyard-this picture doesn't show how pretty the tile work was.

This awesome lantern was hanging in the outdoor entryway to the museum I don't even have lights this nice on the inside of my house! By the way- check out the CFL bulb in it, "California antiques"!

This is another spot where you never expect this much detail-who would ever think you could make a drinking fountain a focal point? I wish this was in my backyard!
These window grilles were on so many of the buildings & homes, all had different styles & they looked so awesome with the local architecture styles.
Here's another one at the museum looking from an outdoor hallway onto one of the gardens.

Another drinking fountain with awesome tile work the concrete bowl & step on this one look like stone.
Here's another shot of the courtyard with it's archways framed with rambling vines & the over sized glazed pots with the detailed wooden bench in the background. This is what my patio wants to be when it grows up.
Each one of the benches was slightly different which gave them more of a collected or handmade feel. At first I thought I would have a hard time finding something with the same feel for my house but once you look a little closer, you notice that it's not overly ornate. Actually, some creative work with the jigsaw, & you could probably replicate this pretty easily. That's a whole separate project though, someday...............


  1. Beautiful photos. You have an eye for beauty and detail.