Thursday, July 1, 2010

Olivia's Play Kitchen

This is my very first post & it's one of my favorite projects. I first saw the idea at Dwellings by Devore (one of my favorite blogs). I saw it right before my daughter's 2nd birthday & I knew I had to make her one. Plus I already had an old sewing table I wasn't using that was almost identical to Mrs. Devore's. This is just the before pic & I should have some "in progress" updates within a few days. In the meantime here's a link to both Part 1 & Part 2 of my "inspiration" kitchen

Im hoping mine will be as cute!

Dwellings by DeVore part 1
Dwellings by DeVore part 2


  1. HeyApril cute idea. I see litte botiques selling this stuff all the time. How about one of those metal collectors that have tons of fridges ,washers/dryers & stoves in thier back yard. Id stop & ask if I could tear out a burner or two. Also do you have a habitat 4 humanity store? They have faucets n stuff like that 4 cheap. Love ya

  2. Good idea - I think I found something that might work (just because Im trying to hurry & finish) We do have a Habitat for Humanity store, I LOVE IT! Our Realtor told us about it when we bought the house & its seriously one of my favorite stores! Jey makes fun of me because the people who work there know the girls by name! They're awesome, Im actually going to have a link to their website & a page featuring all my awesome finds from them!