Monday, July 5, 2010

Empty Nest Syndrome

This is one of two abandoned bird's nests my mom found at her house. This one has one of the cracked eggs in it. My mom gave them to us so my older daughter could bring them to school to show her class. Once she brought them back I didn't want to just throw it away, so I started thinking, I had this little greenhouse for years but could never use it because it was too small to hold any decent plant in it. I tried candles but that was just dumb because you had to leave the lid open when they were lit. So my 2yr old & I decided that it would be a cool "bird house". We went out to our garden & clipped a branch off one of our olive trees & then found 2 rocks from our collection that looked like eggs. She helped me arrange everything & now we have some cool decor for our built in cabinet (which is in a spot that was way too dark for a real plant). I think I just "up-cycled" a bird's nest! Is that even possible?

By the way -please ignore my unfinished paint job on the walls & my ugly blonde cabinets, they're the only ones I haven't refinished yet!

For some reason the polyurethane yellowed in some spots after I applied it so Im on my 4th coat of pink paint! In the meantime Im literally sitting around waiting for paint to dry, I thought this birdhouse post might hold you over till tonight.

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