Friday, July 2, 2010

Play Kitchen in Progress

Pic #1
The first pic (if I get it right- Im just starting out at this blogging stuff) Is before I did any disassembling to the table. This is what the inside of the sewing table looked like when you lifted the lid this is where the sewing machine was housed - check out the spiderwebs!

Pic. #2
So, here's a pic of how it's lookin so far. This was taken after I shortened the legs according to Olivia's height, removed the front door, relocated the original top of the table to the "backboard" & replaced the top with a piece of particle board cut to size. The hole that contains the stainless dog bowl is the beginning of the sink. So far I've used about a quart of pink paint. Im waiting for it to dry overnight then I'll coat it with some polyurethane to keep it from chipping. After that I need to "install" the faucet, put in a "window" hang a shelf/pot rack add some accessories & figure out what the heck Im going to make the burners out of (any ideas?) I've seen lots online but nothing I loved. And the last element of the kitchen is going to be a surprise - because Im not sure if it's going to come out right or not. It SHOULD be done by the end of the weekend but we'll see how that goes.

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