Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Santa Barbara style part I

This was actually taken at the Santa Ynez Mission on our way to Santa Barbara, it was a variety of Salvia growing in the mission's front gardens, my daughter said they looked like little fairies with red skirts.
This is one of the old wooden benches that line the walls of the mission breezeway, I love how the layers of paint have rubbed of to show the natural wood color but remain in the low spots of the bench to give it a sort of patina.
These rustic metal lanterns hung between the huge wooden beams and ran the entire length of the breezeway where the benches sat I'm sure it looks awesome at night. I wish they sold these in the mission gift shop!
One of the old mission bells, I wouldn't have expected something utilitarian like this to have so much detail, if you look closely you can see all the etched detail on the bell itself & the flower & scrolls that hang above it. Even the cross mounting bracket has an element of old California design to it.
A pot of brightly colored petunias broke up all shades of brown & really stood out against the pale adobe wall.
These two huge pots flanked either side of the main doors to the church.
This is one of my favorites, look how deep the window sill is because of how thick the mission walls are. The sill was covered in varying sizes of terra cotta tiles, it almost looked like a mosaic. I love the wood framed window against the olive branch that hangs down in front of the window's arched top
This shot just shows some more of the carved detail we saw on the doors which were framed out by the "built in pillars" that were the base for the arches above each doorway.
This is what I wish my ceiling looked like. At the top of the picture you can see the various sizes of wood planks that lay on top of the huge dark beams supporting the overhang.
I don't know why this one arch was painted in this deep coral color but I like how it stood out among the row of archways that bordered the mission's front garden.

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