Monday, July 19, 2010

"Madame Chairperson........."

After finding out I was the 4th person in line for these chairs on Freecycle, I didn't think I stood a chance. But the girl who was giving them away explained that she was cleaning out her garage because herhusband thought she had too many projects going on. I told her that my boyfriend had just cut me off of garage space for the same reason! I told her that while she contacted the 3 people in line ahead of me I would try to figure out how to sneak these into my garage without my b.f. noticing. She e-mailed back & said once she saw that she knew I had to have them. Awww, a woman after my own heart! So, here are the chairs in her driveway before I picked them up. I had been wanting chairs like this for years but the cheapest I could find them was $150 budget was $0. The only problem was.......well the fabric itself wasn't so bad (it looks weird in the pics but it's actually just a linen & black pinstripe) it was just stained, & boring, & way too long on the skirt ( full length chair skirts look like they belong in a formal dining room that never gets used). Sounds like the perfect project.

Here's a side shot - I wanted to show you the scrolled back, notice the pleating on that section (something else I cant wait to change-it's probably necessary when upholstering but not slipcovering). Here's my plan; 1. Remove the long skirt attached to the seat 2. Stain the wood legs underneath 3. make a slipcover to hide the stained/boring fabric

Of course, I didn't get very far before I ran into a problem. As you can see, the legs are also upholstered (why the manufacturer thought this was necessary I don't understand) - so weird!
So I'll have to strip them down & see what salvaging techniques I can come up with. Not sure what it's gonna be yet but I'll tell you what it's not going to be.........a long skirt! Check back soon, I'm gonna get to work on these & add some post-deconstruction pics tomorrow.

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