Saturday, August 13, 2011

Im still here!

Just wanted to get in a quick post to let you know that Im still here, I'm just busier than ever with my growing business! Which is great, but it's left me with little time for blogging. In addition to that, I'm having even more computer problems and am not able to even sign into my blog because of it. Uggh, I'm borrowing a friends laptop right now just so I can do this post! Hopefully I'll have everything straightened out soon, in the meantime I still am able to post pics to my Facebook page . So you can keep up with my projects there, I would love to have "like" my page too! I've also been working on a remodel, a house full of furniture, keeping up with my newly doubled in size boutique space, and several other commissioned pieces of furniture! It's been pretty crazy around here lately! Keep checking back though, I should have pictures posted of all these projects soon. Also, if you sign up to follow by e-mail (use the link at the right) you'll automatically be notified when I start posting regularly again.


  1. Hi April. Thank you for your comments. I'm a NEW follower and will be checking in regularly. Hope your weekend is GRAND and that you're able to get your computer working again.

    Chasing Claire de Lune

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