Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bedside table revamp

I got this little table from my brother's girlfriend her mom had given it to her & she wasn't going to use it anymore so thought maybe I could do something with it. It sat in my attic for a couple months until after a trip to my sister's new house. We were talking about how she needed some furniture for her guest room, she told me about a little antiqued bedside table she found. It reminded me that I had this little one waiting around in the attic. The table itself was in good shape, the finish just looked dated.
There was a little wear on the table top, it sanded out easily. I then roughed up the table with a 3M sanding scrub pad so that the paint would adhere properly. I used two cans of Rustoleum Antique White in a satin finish. Once it had a nice solid coat of the paint I went back & distressed it by sanding in different spots & then finished it with Valspar's Mocha glaze. I applied the glaze with a sponge brush & then wiped the excess off with a cotton rag.
Here's the finished product, it doesn't stand out so well against my 80's white tile & straw colored walls but you get the idea.

This shot shows the finish a little better, the edges of the table were rubbed down with sandpaper & then wiped over with the glaze. It came out a little more "country" looking than what I was expecting, I thought the glaze would be more of a chocolate brown-it actually had more of a reddish tint to it. I think next time I use it I'll add a little black to tone the red down. I couldn't find a drawer pull I liked so I just sprayed the original knob with Krylon's Oil Rubbed Bronze paint.

So here it is in my sisters guestroom, she's been doing a lot of work on her house so the carpets have been removed so they can install new flooring. But I think it coordinates nicely with the bedding. And because it's been handed through about 4 family members I guess it counts as an heirloom? Maybe if it's still around in 70 yrs, but it already looks like it could be.
Total cost for this re-do about $7.00

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  1. It looks great! Another awesome job by an awesome lady. . .