Tuesday, August 17, 2010

More Faux Wood Doors

Im posting this as a follow up to my "wood " garage doors this is obviously the before shot with all the crazy colors we started with. This was the closest view I have of the front doors before.

This is how they came out after the walnut glaze treatment (if you're really observant you might have noticed the difference in the fence color between the two pics-all we did was pressure wash it!) These are just inexpensive metal doors that have a smooth surface so I gave them some character with the "wood textured" look.

The close up shows more of the "grain" we finished it off with a $3 oil rubbed bronze doorknob I found at Re-Store (an awesome resource that I plan to feature an entire page for sometime soon).

Although you don't see the door from this point, it still gives a pretty dramatic before & after from this angle of the house. In this shot you can still see the mossy green we tried out before the terra-cotta & the ugly old light fixture-this was also replaced with a Re-Store find. A $4 brass lantern that I gave a rusty brown finish to.

This just goes to show, faux wood doors or not what a HUGE difference color makes. Stay posted, I'll have another garage door Revamp soon. Mine actually led to me getting my first "client" through word of mouth from a friend. Theirs is completely different, I'll have pics up within the next few days.

I'm linking to Power of Paint Party over at Domestically Speaking. As well as these parties;

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  1. Ap,the doors look awsome!Id be so afriad to not get it right. Every place you've lived has been so "grown-up"/put together.

  2. love your doors! how exactly do you do the walnut finish? are you using two tones of stain?

  3. OO!OO! I want to try that! Please post in more detail how you did that!
    Awesome job!

  4. Eeks!! I think you have helped me solve a huge problem I am having with my wood front doors. They have not tolerated the elements very well and they look awful!! I have been staining them but I need to paint them to hopefully preserve them a bit better. I was scared the paint would look awful and flat but if I can pull off what you just did it will look just the same as now(meaning walnut stained)..but better!! thanks!!!!!!