Monday, February 14, 2011

First Round of Revamped Inventory

These are just few of the items I have available for sale
in my new retail space. This distressed green chalkboard
was an old oak cabinet door that I sanded down & then
primed & painted with chalkboard paint.

This old chippy door was so cool, the weathered varnish had
more of a golden color in person, it had a ton character. It would look
great in a living room, leaned up against a wall as backdrop for an
armchair or something. Someone else liked it as much as I did, it was my first item to sell!

This is an adorable white cotton matelasse coverlet in a twin size. It was a
total score, in perfect condition - no spots, holes or any defects at all!

A close up of the same coverlet. Here you can see some of the detail in
the raised white on white design.

When I picked up this basket it was cute, but there was nothing special about
it. Just an aged looking off white weave. I hand painted a French grain sack
inspired design in a cool gray.

I love this old wooden crate, it could be used for anything but I have
it staged here as an outdoor entertaining caddy. You could also tuck in an
old canning jar to hold your antique silver flatware, cloth napkins or tea towels.
Or even a few little dishes with crostini, olives & mini cheese wedges. The vintage
seltzer bottle & antique style glass goblets are also available for purchase.

This end of the box is embossed with a Napa Valley logo.

This little table top birdbath / feeder is a great little piece to add color to an
outdoor space. It's perfect for use as a birdbath because the glazed top will
hold water without being absorbed. It would great for a small courtyard or balcony.

This little apothecary terrarium has such a great shape to it, I filled it with polished
pea gravel & faux moss covered stones, This no maintenance accessory would be
perfect for an office desktop or bathroom shelf.

I just thought these little winged wooden hearts were fun. I found them
in the craft section. I painted the centers in chalkboard paint then decorated
the wings in different colors & finished them off with a stick of chalk
tied at the base.

I can't remember whether I've already shown this in a post or not. I
actually picked up this super cute little picture frame at Goodwill with
the antiqued finish already on it. All I did was prime & paint the glass with
chalkboard spray paint (I have a lot more chalkboard items now then I would
normally plan to).

These are the items I wanted to highlight, the ones I really
want to keep for myself

My mom actually picked up this cute little footed silver bowl for me.
I just added this moss ball "topiary" for some interest.

I am IN LOVE with this vintage style locker basket! I want to keep it so bad but
before I opened I made a deal with myself that I had to be able to part with
all these cool things unless I really had a need for them (otherwise I'd be headed
for the next episode of hoarders). I have to give a "thank you" to Kathy at the Paso
Robles Habitat for Humanity ReStore for hooking me up with the basket which was
cool on its own, but it needed a little something extra to make it stand out. After
looking at Michaels' selection of tags & not really finding anything I liked, I
decided to D.I.Y. it or H.M.B.D.I.H. (Have My Boyfriend Do It Himself). ; ) We
found a scrap of molding we had laying around that he cut to the same
length as the handle opening then drilled a hole in either end. I finished it of
with, what else? Chalkboard spray paint & some jute twine to attach it
to the basket.
This is definitely one of the coolest silver pieces I've ever found. I like the
shiny silver finish against the jagged edges of the center bowl. I don't know what
the heck you would put in a bowl surrounded by candle holders though, I like
the idea of a bird's nest but that's probably a fire hazard. I'm thinking about taking
it back for myself!

And lastly, this vintage seltzer bottle. It has such a pretty embossed design around
the base. I entertain a lot & this would be perfect for chilling sun tea in for serving on
the patio. I kind of cheated on this one though, when bought this I also picked up
an antique French lemonade bottle with a similar design that will be staying at my house!

All the items in this post are available at Reminisce on 14th & Pine Streets in
downtown Paso Robles (except for the chippy door which has already sold). If
you're out of the area & would like to purchase one
of the things you see here you can contact me through my blog & I'll
have it shipped for you.


  1. What a darling blog! I can't wait to go and look at it!
    Thanks for visiting mine!


  2. What great items!! These pieces are magnificent!