Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Not So Pretty in Pink

This desk is the result of a late night Craigslist mission my boyfriend & I
went on. I just happened to check the "free" section right after this was posted,
luckily the guy who posted it was a total night owl like me. I e-mailed & he
responded right away saying to come pick it up that night (I obviously wouldn't
have gone by myself to do this).The guy was actually really cool & told me
that he got this desk from CL himself years ago, & that it was an antique.
He didn't have any use for it anymore & wanted to pass it on to someone else.
After I saw the pic he posted, I Googled "wicker & wood desk" to see if I
could get ideas of what it could look like. Which is what made me decide to go get it!

Here's what it looks like after a surprisingly quick makeover, such an
improvement! All it took was some serious sanding to the top, & about 4 cans
of Krylon's Heirloom White spray paint. I also re glued the wicker ends in some
places with a high-temp hot glue gun before painting.
The drawer was pretty banged up but it still had the original hardware on it
which I originally thought I'd change, but with the darker stain on the drawer I
like how the glass knob keeps it light & adds some sparkle to the front.
After sanding the drawer down I could tell that the drawer front was made
of teak wood, an unusual choice but after seeing this I decided to stain rather than
paint it. This shot is pretty blurry but you can still see what a huge difference
there is between the before and after - notice the "hold" tag hanging form the knob. The
desk had only been in my boutique for two days!
This is a close up of the library sides (shelves built into the side of the desk to hold
books, etc.) They were covered in veneer that was cracked peeling up. My boyfriend
actually took a hammer & flat head screwdriver & gently chipped this up, which to my
surprise ended up looking a lot better.
Here's the after shot, it looks like they must've used different types of wood
for the planks because on moth sides the stain took more on some pieces than
others, creating an almost striped effect.
This is the top, definitely the worst part of the desk. It doesn't look as bad here
but the veneer here had started to peel off & left huge jagged strips really rough
spots that someone had just painted over (when we sanded we also found a
layer of metallic gold paint-I don't know why but I kind of like that idea!).
The really surprising part is, that once we started sanding it all came up & was
actually really smooth.
This is the closest after shot I have of the desk top, I used Varethane's gel
stain in walnut. You can see closer pics in the background of my last post
here. I can't believe what a huge difference some sanding & spray paint can make .
Hopefully this little antique desk will be around for a lot longer now.


  1. Wow. This desk is superb. I am without words, other than superb of course.

  2. Beautiful redo!

    I do not mean to offend, but its there any chance a darker text color could be used on your blog? It is a struggle to read.