Saturday, July 2, 2011

Chippy Pink "Picking" Table

I found this little table at a new "source" I have for the store. I didn't do a thing to it but hose it off & apply a protective wax finish. It was already rocking this awesome vintage pink paint. All the chipped of areas revealed a chocolate brown color underneath that is the perfect accent against the pink.

Sorry for the blurry pics, they were taken with my daughter's phone. This shows a little closer shot of  the original green vintage glass knob, even the bolt that held it in place was rusted. Everything about this table was perfect just the way I found it......once I evicted the spiders. This little table already has a new home, one of the other dealers at Reminisce bought it for her house, only 2 days after I put it in my space. Even though I really had nothing to do with the finish I wanted to share my good find, there's a lot more of where this came from. I'll be highlighting some of my other scores from my new "picking source" over the next week.


  1. what a gorgeous piece of furniture love the cute pink colour

  2. I love little pink tables and this one is so shabby and cute.


  3. This is gorgeous - it would make a lovely nightstand.

    Just discovered your blog and would love it if you'd stop by mine sometime!

    Andrea x


    Did I mention I love this table!!!

  5. I love it when "as found" is as it should be. Love the pink.