Sunday, March 20, 2011

"French Grain Sack" Pillows

I love all the French grain sack pillows I've been seeing everywhere lately. There's some beautiful antique grain sacks that are still in excellent shape, & some awesome reproductions at reasonable prices, I decided to try to come up with some of my own. This one with the double blue stripe is my favorite. The blue looks A LOT brighter in these pictures, in person it's a faded looking medium blue.
Here's a few others from the second set I made, the first ones came out really nice & sold so fast that I didn't even have a chance to get pictures!
I also used this design on one of the first pillows I did, this is from something else that I'll be revealing later this week (make sure to check back for that). I made covers out of both solid ticking & burlap then painted them with acrylic (the red & blue) & fabric (black) paints. The acrylic seemed to work just as well as the fabric paint so if you're wanting to try this project on your own, don't spend the extra money on fabric paint. It might last better in the long run for something that will be washed regularly, but for pillows I wouldn't worry about it. After the paint dried I washed them on a cold gentle cycle so that it faded in certain spots, giving it a more realistic "vintage grain sack"appearance.
Here they are in my boutique displayed with the leftovers from my first group. They're staged on a French farmhouse style daybed I did in a weathered gray finish, I will also be doing a post on this later this week.
Here's a closer shot so you can see the details.
And the last two, stacked in a basket with a scalloped edge vintage white table cloth. These have been moving fast so there will probably be more to come.

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  1. These are awesome! You did a great job, they look totally authentic!

  2. Your pillow are gorgeous! No wonder they sold so fast!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment about my chandelier :)


  3. So pretty! Great job!
    Thanks so much for sharing in the Earthy Essentials party at the DIY Show Off! I'm including a link in my highlights tomorrow! ;)


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