Tuesday, March 8, 2011

More Items at the Revamped Boutique

Most of my posts are about furniture or accessory pieces I've re-done, so I thought I'd include some of the items in this one that were just good finds that I also have for sale. These pale blue vintage cordial glasses are a larger set of 9 and are in perfect condition. They're really pretty in person with just that little bit of a sky blue glow.
I had a hard time bringing this Italian soup tureen down to the store, I make lots of soups & this would be so perfect with my new white dish set. But after considering that I would probably find this being used in my 2 1/2 yr. old's play kitchen I decided that it might have a longer life in someone elses home.
 I love this lantern, this was another piece I had to convince myself that I didn't need to keep. It has an aged bronze finish & looks good here with the fruit but even better with a couple creamy colored pillar candles, like I have it staged in the boutique. It would be perfect on an outdoor dining table.

 I picked up this aquamarine glass bottle at an estate sale, I passed up a clear one just like it. Now I wish I hadn't because I had barely set it on this desk to display before someone came up & said they wanted it. I hadn't even put the price on it yet!
 This set of 5 white Ironstone appetizer plates has a delicate scrolled detail around the scalloped edge & would also make a good addition to my new white plate set. Sometimes I think I subconsciously shop for myself while I'm buying for the store. Probably another reason I love my job so much!

 And another item I want to buy from myself, this vintage white rusted bird cage. It has such a pretty shape, & it's hard to tell in these pics but the 3 doors have a scrolled detail above each one. After I took this picture I put a faux forsythia branch with little yellow blossoms inside to add some color, it looks so cute! You could even do a live potted plant or candles, anything really. Because the entire top of the cage lifts off the base, there's a wide range of accents or accessories that would fit in here.

At the end of my first three weeks I had already sold my Verdigris Dresser, the Old World Buffet, & LOTS of smaller accessories & decor items. I definitely exceeded my own expectations! Which is great, but I hadn't expected these items to move so fast & it left me hurrying to get more pieces finished. Right now Im working on a smaller dresser & French Provincial style nightstand to accent a French farmhouse style daybed I already have in my space. I'll be covering those items in an upcoming post for those of you that haven't or can't see them in person.


  1. I wish I could go in to see it every day!! You are doing awesome!

  2. Nice post...all the collection is looking so nice i think these all items give a stylish and trendy look to our home thanks for sharing such a nice post for us