Monday, December 27, 2010

First ever Revamped giveaway!!!!

First of all, I hope you all had happy holidays with your family & friends. Mine was great, & my kids got totally spoiled, like they always do.
So to get an early start on the new year & all my plans for Revamped, I'm holding my first ever giveaway contest! I realized that if I plan on using my blog for advertisement and/or sales of my products, I'm going to need some more followers! So here's the rules;
Tell as many people that you think would enjoy reading this blog as possible to sign up as a follower. They can't sign up to follow anonymously, I have to be able to verify that they've actually become a follower. Then have them leave me a comment on this post. For each person that signs up as a follower & leaves a comment that says you referred them, you get one entry, up to as many as you can have sign up! The person to refer the most new followers will receive this Revamped wine themed serving tray & set of magnets made of re-used wine corks from a couple Central Coast wineries! I wish I could send the actual wine, but this will have to be the next best thing. ; )

Here's a little better shot of the serving tray. It's made of bamboo & finished in a black satin enamel. I used various labels from a few of Pomar Junction's varietals. Their tasting room has a beautiful setting if you ever have a chance to visit. The white card in the upper right hand corner of the tray is not attached, it is holding the wine cork magnets & is just there for the picture. The trays dimensions are 20"x 14", & it will be sealed in a wipe-able liquid resistant clear satin finish.

The wine cork magnets are mounted on ceramic block magnets (not the cheap "magnetic tape" that only holds 1 sheet of paper per magnet!) This is an example of the labels that may be included on your magnets, here I chose Tolo & Chronic Cellars two of my favorite! I might up it to a set of six for the winner.

So come on ladies, spread the love! If you each get me one new "follower" that will double my readers, not hard to do at all! The more referrals you give the more chances for this wine themed package to be yours! To make it extra easy, you can go to the "Invite YourFriends" link on the right hand side of this page - just under the followers pics.

You have until 1:00 am New Year's Day - now get started!

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