Saturday, December 18, 2010

What the ____ Goodwill?!........And all the other thrift stores on the Central Coast!

     Is it just me, or does anyone else notice how ridiculous goodwill is with their pricing? Actually, I should say Central Coast area California Goodwill's (and all other area thrift shops for that matter). I read tons of other blogs on a daily basis & it seems like I'm always seeing posts where you ladies are scoring $5.00 wing back chairs or side tables for $2.00. These prices are unheard of at Paso Robles second hand stores. I realize I live in an area with a higher cost of living, but seriously? Whoever does the pricing at our Goodwill stores I think tends to forget that these items are used (and in most cases, in pretty crappy condition). I'm not a total cheapskate but I just think it's pretty stupid to pay the same price for something at a thrift store for what you might find a similar item for on an online sale. Case in point, I was shopping at a Paso thrift store the other day & I noticed a used glass lemon curd jar that I KNOW came from Trader Joe's that had a $2.00 price tag on it! Thats about a dollar less than what it cost to buy it full of the lemon curd!!! Granted, it had a cool hexagonal shape & I've even saved mine to refill with homemade sugar scrubs to re-gift but this is an item that probably should've gone in the recycling! Who are you overzealous thrift shop pricing employees?

     I also noticed these two cute French Provincial nightstands at Goodwill the other day. The one on the left had a price tag of $19.99 & the one on the right was on "sale" for 11.99. I pointed out to an employee that they were practically the same thing & asked if I could get the $11.99 price on ea. They said that the price was based on how long the item had been there. Which sucked for me, because I actually liked the one on the left a lot better.

    After she walked away I quietly took this opportunity to point out to my daughter that "These people don't low what they're talking about". The one on the left was made entirely of particle board & laminate. The one on the right was solid wood with dovetailed drawer joints. So for $11.99 (still too high in my opinion) I took it home. Still deciding if this will be available for sale or whether it's going in my daughter's room - she's pulling for the 2nd option.

     Our thrift shops also sell sweaters for $5.00-$7.00. I don't personally buy any of my clothes second hand but I'm pretty sure I can go to Ross any day of the week & buy a brand new one for that price! So to that I say, "What the ____ Goodwill?" YOU ARE NOT A NEW RETAIL STORE, YOU ARE NOT AN ANTIQUES STORE, YOU ARE NOT A VINTAGE BOUTIQUE! Price your things accordingly!

    What do you guys think? This is ridiculous, right?


  1. That is a little high! There are three thrift stores around me and they all have different pricing---the one that is the highest is a place that takes all of your money and puts it towards an animal is a good cause, but needless to say, I almost never buy anything from that one (they were selling jelly jars for $3 a piece and they weren't even vintage.)

  2. Ya that the *%!"+! Goodwill is out to lunch. We have 3 super goodwills in Salem ,all with differant pricing. And thier never willing to work w/ you when it comes to negotioating a price.Even little childrens books are $1.99.